Declaration of Individual Rights

Theses rights are the rights of the Individual and must be secured by all governments and states. It is the primary function of any government or state. These rights are inherent in every Individual, no matter gender or age, no matter race, religious belief’s or non-belief’s, no matter the Individual’s status in a society, no matter any opinion to the contrary. These rights are derived from natural law and the observation that the Individual only realizes his full potential when these rights are freely exercised. The Creator has woven these rights into the very being of the Individual.

Every Individual has the right to life. No Individual may have their life taken from them for any reason unless accused of a capital offense.

Every Individual has the right to their own liberty. No Individual may be forced or coerced by another individual, group or state by force, whether economic force, physical force or any other kind of force. The freedom to choose one’s own course of action is inherent in the Individual.

Every Individual has the right to pursue one’s goals and dreams. No Individual may be stopped from doing this by any other individual, group or state unless a law has been violated.

Every Individual has the right to one’s own sanity. Since there is no defined right and wrong in the courts only when it is proven as in a court of law that the Individual has committed a serious crime may a diminishing of these inherent rights .

Every Individual has the right to freely assemble with those who are like-minded or not and to establish communities of like-minded people wherever they wish to in accordance with local law.

Every Individual has the right to freely speak or write his, ideas, opinions and thoughts whether critical of the powers that be or not. Speech may never be controlled by the government or state and is solely in the purview of the Individual. To communicate one’s thoughts and ideas is inherent in the Individual this is the only way Mankind makes advances not only in technology but also in the humanities.

Every Individual has the right to freely practice their religious belief’s. Government may not hinder or forward any religious or non-religious belief of any kind or hinder the practice of these belief’s. Individuals who serve the public in government also inherently possess these rights. Serving in government for a limited period of time does not mean one gives up these rights.

All Individuals have the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances as individuals or groups of individuals and an expectation of a correction of these grievances must be addressed without diminishing the individual’s rights.

Freedom of the press is established and required by a free sociesty to expose wrongdoing by governments, states, and businesses. Every Individual has the right to disseminate printed or written matter of any kind in whatever form to accomplish this and in so doing is considered a member of the press.

Every Individual has the right to own and possess firearms and ammunition. The government or state has no power to diminish this right in any way. The government or state having sole possession of firearms and ammunition would lead to a tyranny.

Every Individual has the right to be treated equally under the law. Government and states may not institute cruel and unusual punishment or excessive fines relative to income nor excessive bail if a crime is suspected.

Every Individual has the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury of his peers in the State, Province, and/or district where committed and is always considered innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of any charges brought forth by the government or state. The burden of proof always rests with the government or state and this burden of proof may not be lessened for any reason.

Every Individual has the right to be justly compensated for private property taken by the government or state for public use.

Every Individual has the right to be secure in his own papers, person, property, personal and professional information. An individual warrant must be obtained from a judge and may only be issued if there is reasonable suspicion, not based solely on hearsay, that a crime has been committed. The government or state may not issue a general warrant covering more than one issue, person or group.

Every Individual has the right to refuse members of the military or government entrance and residence in their home even in time of war unless specifically stated by law for a finite period of time.

Every Individual has the right to demand a Grand Jury indictment if being accused of a capital or heinous crime except in times of War or public danger when in service of land or naval forces or Militia. These times may not go on indefinitely.

Every Individual has the right to be tried only once for a crime or offense and may not be forced or coerced to witness against oneself.

Every Individual in Civil suits, when value exceeds more than one day’s pay has the right to a trial by jury.

Every Individual or group of Individuals has the right to retain all listed rights and government or states may not deny or take away said rights in place of supposed benefits accrued by the Individual or groups of individuals from the government.

Powers not granted or listed by the constitution to the federal government or state are retained by the people and no other interpretation of this right will be allowed.

Every Individual has the right to his personal freedom. Slavery of any form nor involuntary servitude may not exist within any government or state’s boundaries unless the Individual has been convicted of a crime.

Every Individual has the right to vote and shall not be denied or limited by any government or state for reason of race, gender, color, creed, social or economic standing or for any other such reason. Likewise no one may vote unless a proven citizen since allowing otherwise would invalidate the Individual’s ballot.

For a society to remain free these rights must be secured for every Individual with no exceptions. Without these Individual rights society will descend into darkness where there is no right to life, liberty and property. It may all seem reasonable and seem to make some kind of sense as the powers that be explain how they know best and aren’t we just trying to help the less fortunate. Giving up Individual rights to supposedly help another in reality will destroy both the helper and the helped. Both goals can be accomplished simultaneously though in a free society where Individual rights are secured for all!