Constitution and Declaration of Independence Words

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money given to allow the temporary release of a person from jail and to guarantee the person will return at a certain date. If the person fails to return, the money is given up.

things that bind or unite

causing good to be done

1) a proposed law presented for discussion and approval; 2) a list of items. The Bill of Rights lists 10 basic rights.

Bill of Attainder
a law passed against a person, pronouncing him guilty, without trial, of an alleged crime (especially treason) and punishing him by death and depriving him of his civil rights and his property

Bill of credit
paper money


rewards offered to people by the government for performing certain acts. During the Civil War, a cash bounty was offered to men for enlisting in the army.


people closely united or associated

“Britain” and “Great Britain” mean the island where England, Scotland and Wales are located, and since 1707 also refers to the political union of England, Scotland and Wales

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