Constitution and Declaration of Independence Words

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belief; confidence; trust

weaken by harassing

the system of national government that deals with matters that individual states have in common (even though the individual states have their own state governments) is called the “federal system.” The federal government is also called the national government, the government of the United States, or the central government. The word “federal” comes from a Latin word, which means “league.” “League” means an alliance between states for their mutual aid and defense; a national agreement. A key element is their agreement. “Federal” means a league of states that have agreed to cooperate with each other for a specific purpose or purposes. Hence, we have our federal government of the United States, which is the central or national government. This federal government is made from the agreement of the states to cooperate with each other.

a major crime such as murder, arson, rape, etc.


a giving up of something as a penalty, such as losing one’s property as a payment for a crime

feared or dreaded

able to think or act without restriction; independent

Free person
someone who is not a slave

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