Constitution and Declaration of Independence Words

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imposed a burden or penalty

rules established by governments for regulating people’s actions.

Law of nations
rules that regulate dealings between nations coming from principles of justice, customs or agreements between nations

Laws of Nature
nature is the entire universe; or the creator of all things or the operation of the power that creates all things. The Laws of Nature include the idea of unchanging moral principles that form the basis for human conduct.

to set or impose (to lay and collect taxes)

the power to make laws

a group of persons given the power and responsibility to make laws for a country or state. The Parliament in Great Britain and the federal Congress in the United States are both legislatures.

Letters of Marque and Reprisal
government documents authorizing an individual to arm a ship and capture enemy merchant ships and cargo. Letters of marque and reprisal are no longer used.

making (levying war)

1) free from the arbitrary [based on random choice or personal whim] control of others; 2) release or freedom from slavery, imprisonment or other restrictions. It comes from a root word meaning “belonging to the people, free” and also “to grow up, rise.” See also natural liberty, civil liberty

the condition in which a plant’s, an animal’s or a human being’s natural functions and motions are performed. In humankind, that state of being in which the spirit, intellect and body are united we identify as life. The source of the word “life” goes back to a meaning of “to be.” So when we say “life” we are speaking about our right to be and to regulate or conduct our own existence.

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