The Family & The Constitution

When we talk about the building block of America we are talking about the family. Without it there would be no America, no government, no businesses, no communities, towns, cities, or states. There would be no structure for children to grow up in, no safety, no education (which starts and continues from parents until the child can fend for itself). Our country and communities need a strong family unit. One that can stand on its own to grow and prosper. Each family unique in its own way with different paths to the same end. An independent, intelligent, productive and caring individual.

Only loving and caring parents can do this. Mothers and Fathers teach their children the basics of language and how to get along with others amongst a myriad of other things.  Government cannot do this.This is evidenced by the wild gangs of teenagers that roam the streets of Chicago and sometimes Philadelphia. These children are products of a constantly expanding welfare state created by politicians who do not have the best interests of families at heart. Oh, these politicians say they are helping but their actions (laws and regulations) only serve to degrade and destroy the very thing they propose to protect, our families. There is only one way politicians can make these laws harming our families and that is to do the same thing to our Constitution.

The Constitution if applied  to its stated end of a limited federal government, with enumerated powers, will allow all families to grow and prosper by not interfering with their natural development. That is, a man and a woman find each other, fall for each other, and decide to marry and have children. In the course of living and creating a family these two individuals will rise to the occasion many times throughout their lives and make their own choices on how and in what way they will raise their children. The result, most of the time, are a happy adults who usually have a good purpose and will have a good effect on neighbors and their communities. Government interfering in the natural course of families will degrade all of them to a certain extent and will destroy many. Most of the degradation of our inner cities are a product of these broken families.

I know the Founders were aware of this and knew in their hearts that men were mostly good and that government, if run by those who think they know best, will find a way to eliminate those who disagree with them. Governments of our planet have managed to murder close to 250 million people but you will find very little reminder of this in the media when they agree with the government that is in power. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights do rectify this by giving the federal government limited enumerated powers and the rest to the States and the People. Unfortunately today you would have no idea that the federal government is limited even a little.

Our country, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and our families are being degraded and destroyed from the inside out by our own uninformed votes. We must correct this downward course. We can do this by knowing and understanding our founding documents and how they relate to each of us and our families. We have to agree with our politicians for this downward course to continue so let’s disagree and let our politicians know we disagree. It is our country you know!

Strong, independent, and prosperous families will be the rule of the day when we eliminate government interference in them by knowing and understanding the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights and forcing our wayward politicians to do the same!


by Tom LoGrasso, Fundamentals of Freedom