The Individual & The Constitution

How does the individual benefit from the full implementation of our Constitution? Believe it or not, your life, your liberty (Your right to choose without being forced or coerced), and your pursuit of your goals and dreams, at this moment in time, depend utterly on knowing, understanding and forcing our politicians to apply the Constitution.

If you look at Man’s history before our Declaration of Independence you will find no individual rights. Those who were peasants stayed peasants and those who were lords, nobles and royalty usually remained royalty. The United States was the very first country to secure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for the individual. Was it perfect? No, of course not. Is it messy? Yes, millions of individuals choosing their own way through life cannot help but have its harrowing moments. In the end though, individuals making their own way and overcoming obstacles led to the greatest strides in most areas of life in man’s history, proving that it is individuals not the government who create new jobs, new inventions, and new ideas. Oh, and if some politician comes along and says, “I can make it better”, make sure you take out your Constitution and be very sure whatever bill is proposed passes the test of constitutionality, for every new bill passed into law will certainly take some of your money and more importantly some of your liberty.

The enumerated powers granted to the federal government by the Constitution leaves the rest to the states and the people according to the tenth amendment. An unrestrained federal government will come up with laws that factually ruin lives (welfare), strip liberty from the individual (Obamacare), and destroys the individuals dreams and goals (sixteen trillion dollars of debt).

Obamacare all by itself strips away from individuals and families the right to choose when and if they want insurance, what the insurance will cover and stops them from practicing certain religious beliefs (forces coverage of abortion drugs, abortion, and sterilization). These decisions are taken away from the individual and given to the health and human services secretary or a panel of bureaucrats all unelected. This kind of a system is more likely under a socialist/Marxist society than a free one. Obamacare is a 2,700 page law. It is obvious that the bigger the government the bigger slice of the individual’s rights are taken away. Eventually, if unchecked, the state will control all that we see, hear, and do. Enforcement of our Constitution will restrain and restrict our politicians and bureaucrats which is how it should be. We the people restrain and restrict the government not the other way around!

Every man, woman, and child in America and across the planet for that matter thrives on liberty and freedom. New ideas spring from these great ideas. Of course we need laws to deter thieves and murderers but not for most of us. The majority of individuals would do the right thing even if the law wasn’t there.

Our government’s first priority is securing the individual’s rights according to the Declaration of Independence! If a politician isn’t doing this then we must throw them out of office.

This election is the most important election in my lifetime. Read and understand our founding documents.  Look for the candidate whose ideas are most like those ideas in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights and then pull the lever.

Doing this will secure liberty and freedom for all!

Tom LoGrosso

Fundamentals of Freedom