Praise For “The Peoples Guide”

“In this age of political bullying by powers that would have us forget its meaning, everyone living in America should have a clear understanding of the Constitution by which we as a society govern ourselves.

Dave Kluge’s book, The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution, gives clear, simple explanations for the words people might stumble over. This book can serve to generate fruitful and worthy civic discussion about where this country is and where the people in it ought to be concerned.

It is in everyone’s civic interest to have this book in every civic corner of the nation.”

B.T., Librarian
“I teach a course entitled, The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights. My students read the original documents as part of their studies.

For the past two years, I have been using The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution to help my students understand passages in The Constitution. In every case, the clear and concise explanations given in the book have enabled them to fully understand the meaning of each section. They gain an increased appreciation for the document and the men who wrote it.

I highly recommend it to every educator who teaches history, civics, and any course on The Constitution.”

M.S., Secondary School Teacher
When my wife and I came to live and work in USA we first spent time as green card holders with the thought that we would eventually return to England after a stint working in the US.

However the time came when the USA had become more home to us than England and we decided to become American citizens.

We soon found that we needed to know a lot more about American history and the Constitution in particular in order to qualify for citizenship. But where to get this vital information?

We found Dave’s book which contained the very information we needed. Once having read this book we were able to sail through the Immigration Officer’s questions. In fact I think that after reading The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution we knew more than the Immigration Officer and I am happy to say we were accepted as American Citizens as a result of studying this book.

David and Patricia Curtis