About The Author  

The People’s Guide To The United States Constitution was inspired by a 1992 Presidential debate. The three Presidential candidates seemed to contradict each other on Constitutional issues and the author was shocked to realize that, even with his background as the Legal Director of a U.S. based international software firm, he was not familiar enough with the Constitution to determine which candidates, if any, were telling the truth.

Being the independent type, Dave Kluge did not want some politician’s or scholar’s interpretation of these issues, so he set out to read the original text and clarify for himself our Founding Fathers’ intent. Yet many hours later, up to his elbows in dictionaries, encyclopedias and other texts, it became clear that, while the well-educated framers made conscientious efforts to communicate exactly what they meant, some of the original meanings of the words they used over two centuries ago have been lost to modern dictionaries. The effort that it took to source key words of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and research their historical context in order to come to his own understanding, made Dave wonder how the average working man or woman could find time to do the same.

Writing without political bias, Dave penned The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution with the simple goal of helping today’s Americans easily read the Constitution in its original form and thereby achieve a true understanding without the aid of interpretations.

Dave now promotes broader understanding of the Constitution through speaking engagements and seminars, creates study guides for educators and self-study, and writes articles on Constitutional controversies.