Praise For “The Peoples Guide”

Midwest Book Review, Small Press Bookwatch, Volume 7, Number 5, May 2008:

“The Constitution – perhaps America’s most important document. But what does it actually all mean to the modern, every day America? The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution is a thorough and comprehensive guide put in the common terms that everyone can understand, free of the spin artists that readers so often see on political news programs. Presenting the original text of the document and then giving a complete run down to what it really means, it’s a must for anyone who wishes to truly understand the United States Constitution. The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution is a top pick for community library collections dealing with politics and easy to use guides.”

Jim Cox
Conservative Review March/April 1995:

“Dave Kluge has succeeded in his goal of producing a book on the U.S. Constitution for the people of the United States. One of its best features is that he gives a brief historical background of how some of the Constitution came about as a result of our quarrels with England, as well as pertinent parts of more recent issues … It is written in a clear manner understandable to the average person even when dealing with some of the Supreme Court decisions that shaped our laws of late. The book also contains a glossary of terms which is helpful to the majority of citizens who do not watch our Congress too closely…. All in all, an excellent reference book to have in your home to aid you in understanding the U.S. Constitution.”

Frederic Smith
Wellington Letter, September 1994:

A Must for Everyone’s Book Shelf

“I received a copy of a book called The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution by Dave Kluge. It is a book every American should have on his book shelf to remind him of the rights which our forefathers wanted bestowed on the citizens of this great nation.

Unfortunately, these rights are being trampled at an accelerating pace. The author, Dave Kluge, is a Legal Director … of one of America’s top 100 independent software companies. It’s a wonderful book also for your teenage children, to give them a better understanding of what the Constitution intended. Reality, of course, is unfortunately different.

Ask for it in your book store.”

Bert Dohmen
Foreward This Week 09.05.07:

“The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution by Dave Kluge presents readers with a brief background of the events that led to the writing of the nation’s most important document, including John Locke’s writings, Thomas Paine’s Common Sense, the Revolution, and the Declaration of Independence. The author describes the foundations of democracy in ancient Greece and the public debate that took place in newspapers of the original colonies over the principles that should be included in the new Constitution.

‘The American government … is the oldest, continuously existing form in a major nation in the world today,’ Kluge writes. ‘All other major nations have undergone significant changes in their forms of government since the American Revolution of 1776.”

He uses Noah Webster’s 1828 dictionary to define many key terms used by the framers of the Constitution, since these definitions most closely resemble their original intentions. The Constitution’s most significant points are summarized and the document is reproduced in full with terms like “direct tax” and “pro tempore” defined in brackets.

[Kluge’s book] brings something new to the table and will inspire readers to think about their place in this democracy.”
Whitney Hallberg
We want organic, November 8, 2007:

“I’ve been reading a new book called The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution, written by Dave Kluge. From this well-written yet easy-to-read book, I realized that the single citizen can stand up for his rights and face a … well, perhaps naughty government and make them ‘govern’ for the people, not for deep pocketed corporations. That, in this country, it is only an illusion that the corporations tell the politicians what to do. In this country, it is the people who really govern. All they have to do is do it. That’s what our Constitution is all about!”

George Vigil