New Study Reveals Baby Boomers

Distrust Officials’ Understanding of

The U.S. Constitution

October 23, 2012—Los Angeles, CA:  Ninety-one percent of baby boomers feel  their elected officials’ understanding of the U.S. Constitution ranges from  fair to poor, according to a study conducted by American Handbook Publishing ( The recently completed study focused on the perceived relevancy of the Constitution to a cross-sampling of male and female Americans born between 1946 and 1964.

“With the upcoming Presidential elections, we wanted to explore the attitudes of Americans toward the Constitution and government leaders,” said Patti Bach, representative of American Handbook Publishing. “Watching the news in this presidential election year, one hears arguments about the constitutionality of issues and wonders if the politicians themselves know what is constitutional? More importantly, do the voters?”

“I was astonished by the high percentage of Americans who feel their elected representatives do not fully understand the U.S. Constitution, the framework of our government” said Dave Kluge, author of The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution. “By the same token, Americans themselves need to read and understand the Constitution to protect their rights and cut through the political rhetoric which floods the air waves at election time.”

Other key findings included:

92 percent of the adults surveyed felt the U.S. Constitution was relevant or very relevant to their daily lives.

  • 60 percent felt their own understanding of the U.S. Constitution ranged from fair to poor.
  • 57 percent felt most Americans had not read the U.S. Constitution due to low literacy levels and the document’s difficult language and specialized terms.
  • Nearly 100 percent felt if all Americans read and adhered to the U.S. Constitution, positive changes would occur including a stronger, more united country; citizens fighting for their rights; and a reduction of government corruption.

About American Handbook Publishing

American Handbook Publishing is the publisher of The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution by Dave Kluge.  The People’s Guide enables the average reader to read and understand the Constitution in just a few hours.  Historical context and simple definitions of uncommon words and legal terms help provide a spin-free understanding of the U.S. Constitution. For more information on American Handbook Publishing or The People’s Guide